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The world is changing by the minute.

We have to adapt and respect, not give up on what we love.
We aim to provide responsible yet fun, special cars to drive.
We have been involved for more than twenty years in managing projects of construction, modifying and upgrading of competition off road cars.
Over the last years we have been studying, testing and sourcing the best technology and know how to provide you the best solutions, under the principles of sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.

We prioritize excellence in every aspect of EV vehicle upgrade and repair.

Our comprehensive quality assurance protocols ensure that every part meets the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

With our cutting-edge technology and painstaking attention to detail, we guarantee full traceability of both raw materials and finished parts throughout all manufacturing process. Every upgrade part is identified with reference , part serial number, version, production date and vehicle identification number (when critical). This commitment to traceability provides transparency and accountability, giving you confidence in the highest standards of quality  of our upgrade services and parts.

We developed, tested and supply Tesla Model S battery pack repair and upgrade. With our tested process we provide much more reliable, economic and environmental friendly solution for Tesla Model S battery failure. Our process includes intervention on all the 16 modules and in dozens of other aspects that are proved to contribute to battery fail. 

Tesla Model S Battery Repair + Upgrade

Tesla S battery pack sem tampa 1.png

Tesla Model S Large Drive Unit SEAL DELETE 

Our own design and production of SEAL DELETE Manifold.  Upgraded kits available with specific SKF bearings for SEAL DELETE new cooling circuit and upgraded seals for inverter side cooling circuit. Complete SEAL DELETE upgrade kit including SKF Gear reduction bearings. 

TSD 00000.003-C aa.jpg


We aim to provide responsible yet fun, special cars to drive.

TWIZY MARTINI side view - upgrades  (1).png
Selective focus hands in gloves of expert technicain electric car, EV car while opened A u

Battery Packs Development

Guided by a dynamic innovation process, we seamlessly engineer and produce custom battery packs tailored to the unique specifications of electric vehicles, with a steadfast commitment to sustainability, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact

Best Sellers

Tesla S 85 lat1.png

Looking for pre-used or new EV?


We take care of all process: Prime sourcing, documentation,

total renewal, upgrades, financing and total warranty.

“Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult”

Ferdinand Porsche

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