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The world is changing by the minute.

We have to adapt and respect, not give up on what we love.
We aim to provide responsible yet fun, special cars to drive.
We have been involved for more than twenty years in managing projects of construction, modifying and upgrading of competition off road cars.
Over the last years we have been studying, testing and sourcing the best technology and know how to provide you the best solutions, under the principles of sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.

We develop, source and supply upgrades that enable electric vehicles to be fun, desirable, efficient and environmentally friendly, cars that you can feel proud of.

We do it within decent working conditions, abiding to human rights international standards, environmental principles and practices and business ethics within our relationships. We are guided by Global Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles.

Sustainable vehicles that you can feel proud of, is our mission.

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We aim to provide responsible yet fun, special cars to drive.

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Renovating your fleet to more sustainable vehicles with cost + maintenance savings up -60%.
We are able to source pre-used Evs, recondition to as new standards, increase efficiency, range extension, finance and supply. 
No matter your needs and budget.

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Looking for pre-used or new EV?


We take care of all process: Prime sourcing, documentation,

total renewal, upgrades, financing and total warranty.